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Nov 29, 2021

Jeremy Epstein, CMO at Gtmhub, shares how he’s shaping the future of work by empowering companies to measure performance based on target outcomes (OKR method). He also dives deep into how the decentralized revolution and emergence of NFTs is impacting brands and marketers by shifting the power back to communities. 

In this episode we also discuss:

  • Considerations for NFT marketing and the utilization of decentralized technologies 
  • Identifying and listening to your brand champions to create community
  • Examples of how Dapper Labs delivers blockchain-based experiences and NFT digital collectibles via Crypto Kitties and collaborations with the NBA and Dr. Seuss
  • How email marketing has changed and what it takes to be successful

Guest Bio: Jeremy Epstein is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gtmhub, the world’s leading SaaS provider enabling the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting methodology. In December 2020, Gtmhub raised the largest Series B round in the history of the category ($30 million) and serves global brands like Société Générale, CNN, Adobe, Red Hat, and TomTom.

Prior to Gtmhub, Jeremy was the VP/Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.8 billion valuation and 1400 people during his 4-year tenure.

Concurrently, Jeremy serves as the co-Chief Investment Officer of the Crypto Futura Fund, a thesis-driven hedge fund that identifies undervalued, high potential blockchain-based tokens in the emerging crypto asset class. The Fund returned 90% in 2020.


About this Show:

Brave is at the forefront of a new online privacy frontier and has unique insight into the future of marketing and advertising in a cookieless world. If you're an agency, brand marketer or entrepreneur challenged by the changes in ethical advertising, consumer privacy and buyer expectations, this podcast will provide a backstage view of how influential marketers at top brands and agencies are responding to what's next.

Music by: Ari Dvorin

Hosted by: Donny Dvorin