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Dec 12, 2022

Michael Liu, SVP, Head of Innovation at Dentsu Media and Kevin Villatoro, Partnerships at Dentsu, share how their agency clients are responding to Web3 marketing opportunities and taking their first (small) steps. They also explain why Web3 isn’t the channel to fight for attention, but rather to engage consumers in meaningful ways, embracing innovation while providing real value.  

 Key Takeaways:

  • Trade offs marketers are making when choosing to experiment in the Metaverse
  • Battling red tape and governance when getting your brand into Web3, and the value of getting finance and legal team on board from the get-go
  • How to onboard the masses to Web3 and what’s being built now to increase mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies
  • Future predictions for the metaverse and how this will impact marketers 

Guest Bio: 

Michael Liu, SVP, Head of Innovation at Dentsu Media

Recently Michael has been focused on exploring new forms of incentive structures, consumer connection points, and new business models for brands via Web3 concepts and applications.

Kevin Villatoro Partnerships at Dentsu

Kevin works closely with other agencies to drive awareness of gaming, web3, and other future looking media channels. In his spare time he co-founded Satoshi's Index and has sold hundreds of NFTs.


About this Show:

The Brave Marketer Podcast is hosted by Donny Dvorin, VP, Head of Sales at Brave Software - the makers of the privacy-respecting browser with a built-in ads platform that rewards users for their attention with the Basic Attention Token. Brave is at the forefront of a new online privacy frontier and has unique insights into the future of marketing and advertising in a cookieless world. Brave is also the browser with Web3 users, and the best onramp to Web3  and the metaverse. 

Music by: Ari Dvorin