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Dec 27, 2023

Nell Watson is a pioneering ethics and machine intelligence researcher, and president of EthicsNet. Here, she discusses different scenarios in which things could go “wrong” with emerging technologies, and lead to AI working against the best interests of humanity instead of for it. She also shares the amazing work that’s being done now to prevent this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why AI safety and AI ethics teams need to collaborate and work together over their shared goals, and build better bridges
  • The differences and similarities between AI ethics and safety, along with the various approaches to making AI less problematic or risky
  • The emergence of “shadow AI,” and the increasing need for ethical transparency and accountability
  • Why the tech industry is not ready or able to self-regulate

Guest Bio: Nell Watson is a pioneering ethics and machine intelligence researcher, and a driving force behind some of the most crucial AI ethics standardization and certification initiatives. She’s also the president of EthicsNet.

Nell dedicates her work to protecting human rights and infusing ethics, safety, and values that elevate the human spirit into technologies like artificial intelligence.

Through her public speaking, Nell has inspired audiences to work towards a brighter future at venues such as the World Bank, the United Nations General Assembly, and the Royal Society.


About this Show:

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