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Apr 19, 2021

This week on #TheBraveMarketer Podcast, Dr. Fou, Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud Investigator, discusses his research on ad fraud reporting, brand safety threats and ways marketers can mitigate their risk. Dr. Fou helps his clients increase the productivity of their ads by detecting and mitigating ad fraud and waste. He’s also a digital marketer of 25 years and regularly contributes to Forbes. Previously Dr. Fou was the Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom's Healthcare Consultancy Group, a $100 million group of 8 agencies serving pharma, medical devices, and healthcare clients.

In this episode of The Brave Marketer Podcast, we discuss:

  • Brand safety threats when advertising
  • Uber’s $6m ad fraud settlement
  • How marketers can mitigate their ad fraud exposure


About this show:

Brave is at the forefront of a new online privacy frontier and has unique insight into the future of marketing and advertising in a cookieless world. If you're an agency, brand marketer or entrepreneur challenged by the changes in ethical advertising, consumer privacy and buyer expectations, this podcast will provide a backstage view of how influential marketers at top brands and agencies are responding to what's next.

This week’s Brave Pick of the Week is Gala Games. Check out their website here.

Music by: Ari Dvorin

Hosted by: Donny Dvorin