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Feb 6, 2023

Thomas Webb, Founder of Worldwide Webb 3, discusses the real fear of missing out brands are facing if they don’t embrace emerging technologies such as Web3 proactively. He also shares how gaming will be the future of entertainment. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Why Web3 is permissionless and what this means for brands
  • What traits make a game successful in the metaverse
  • The most common mistakes web2 brands are making when entering the metaverse
  • Educational resources for learning about Web3

Guest Bio:
Thomas Webb is a contemporary artist, hacker, video game developer, TEDx speaker. His art has been featured in a collection curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and was later nominated for a Webby Award. Right now, he’s building the leading MMORPG on the blockchain, using web3 technology to create a completely unique gaming experience.


About this Show:

The Brave Marketer Podcast is hosted by Donny Dvorin, VP, Head of Sales at Brave Software - the makers of the privacy-respecting browser with a built-in ads platform that rewards users for their attention with the Basic Attention Token. Brave is at the forefront of a new online privacy frontier and has unique insights into the future of marketing and advertising in a cookieless world. Brave is also the browser with Web3 users, and the best onramp to Web3  and the metaverse. 

Music by: Ari Dvorin